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Combination Pizza Oven And Warmer


Fully stainless steel, these pizza ovens and warmers are designed to work as one unit or separately and will be a great addition to many concession stands, shops, bars and petrol stations.

Pizza Warmer

  • Rotating wire rack holds four pizzas (up to 16”)
  • Maintains warmed pizza for up to 2-3 hours
  • Humidity is preserved via water tray
  • Adjustable temperature ranges between 57- 77 ºC

Pizza Oven

  • Circular coils ensure even baking
  • Removable food grade chopping board
  • Pizza cooks quick
  • Adjustable oven temperature between 190- 245 ºC
  • Combine with warmer to create one unit
  • Increase output by stacking multiple ovens

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