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The Diplomat is Cretors most popular popper. This suspended popper is available in four kettle sizes (from 20oz to 60oz) and three cabinet sizes, the Diplomat is suitable for a wide range of locations, including theatres, retail stores, amusement parks, sports stadiums, leisure facilities and arenas.. 

•One-Piece lid ensures maximum popcorn expansion
•Clean-in-Place Nickel Plated All Steel Kettle
•Direct Drive agitator motor for longer motor lift
•Counter Balance Dump and Return System
•Automatic Cover Lift
•Equipped for direct oil feed
•Illuminated Rocker Switches
•Cycling Pilot Light Indicator
•Digital Temperature Controller
•Disposable Filter System
•Internal Heat Lamp and Heated Corn Deck
•Clean-Out Drawer
•Cornditioner System - circulat

Corn is kept dry and crisp until served in the Cretors exclusive conditioner system. The machine is easy to operate and a disposable filter makes it easy and quick to maintain. 

Additional options

Include a Salt/Sweet Switch, direct oil feed and One-Pop.

NOTE: Product is not available to buy online.

Prices start from £6,750. Final quotation will be based upon options selected.

**Prices exclude delivery and VAT.

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