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Diplomat Self-Serve


The self-serve diplomat introduces a way of popping fresh in front of your customers whilst allowing them to serve themselves from the two aguers.  Reduces labour costs and introduces additional theatre for the customer, the self-serve diplomat would be ideal in a number of locations including petrol stations, entertainment venues, supermarkets, bars and more. 

- Stainless Steel Kettle
- Available in two kettle sizes (20 and 32)
- Capable of serving two customers at once.
- Capable of popping a maximum of 400 -640 one-ounce servings per hour
- 4 ft robust stainless steel frame
- Hot air circulating blower
- Robust stainless steel frame
- Easy to clean, with swing down stainless steel kettle and removable agitator and lid.
- Configured to pop salt or sweet corn - optional Salt/Sweet switch available to allow for production of both flavours
- Oil Pump options available 

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**Prices include delivery, but exclude VAT, commissioning and training.
***This product is not available to buy online. Please contact us to place your order.