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Mach 5


The Mach 5 popper is a truly versatile machine that is beautifully styled and built to last for generations. The 3ft cabinet is available in four kettle sizes (from 20oz to 60oz), it’s suitable for a wide range of locations, including theatres, retail stores, amusement parks, sports stadiums, leisure facilities and arenas.  
Standard features of the Mach 5 include:

• One-Piece Kettle
• One-Piece lid ensures maximum popcorn expansion
• Clean-in-Place Kettle
• Direct Drive agitator motor for longer motor life
• Automatic Jump Up Kettle Lid
• Illuminated Rocker Switches
• Cycling Pilot Light Indicator
• Disposable Filter
• Digital Temperature Controller
• Two Heat Lamps
• Stainless Steel Cabinet and Base
• Clean Out Drawer
• Air Tight , Tilt Out Resealable Corn Bin keeps corn fresh for maximum performance
• Halogen Lighting System
• Cornditioner System - circulates hot air to keep corn dry and crisp

Additional options

Include a Salt/Sweet Switch and One-Pop.


Mach 5 Popper: 91W x 71D x 197H cm

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