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The Electric Giant Pedestal Popper


These versatile poppers can be mounted in a cabinet or on a table to give you the popcorn production style that you require. Available in three kettle sizes (32oz, 48oz & 60oz), Cretors Electric Giant is suitable for a wide range of locations, including supermarkets, theatres, retail stores, amusement parks, sports stadiums, leisure facilities and arenas.  Features of the Electric Giant Pedestal Popcorn Popper include:

  • Stainless One-Piece Kettle
  • One-pop safety feature 
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Add an oil pump (additional charge)
  • Configured to pop salt or sweet corn - optional Salt/Sweet switch available to allow for production of both flavours - an additional £350 + VAT


32oz. Electric Giant Pedestal Popper: 5200 Watts. 56W x 44D x 82H cm
48oz. Electric Giant Pedestal Popper: 6800 Watts. 58W x 44D x 83H cm
60oz. Electric Giant Pedestal Popper: 6800 Watts. 58W x 44D x 83H cm 

*Prices are calculated based on an exchange rate of at least 1.4 ($ to £). In the event of the exchange rate falling below 1.4, please contact us for accurate pricing. 
**Prices include delivery, but exclude VAT, commissioning and training.
***This product is not available to buy online. Please contact us to place your order.